What We Do

We’ve all been there: standing up at the podium, fidgeting our hands, nervously eyeing our expressionless audience.

That’s public speaking in short.

Or at least, that’s the stereotype we’ve given it: a traumatizing endurance test. An exam to test our ability to talk in front of strangers, classmates, and friends.

The RSVP Speech Campaign was started in the June 2012 by Alice Deng, Shilpa Krish, and Melody Huang to remediate this problem. Our primary audience consists of elementary and middle school aged children, but all ages are welcome.  By starting with our youngest students, we want to give them a head start in practicing their speaking skills.

This summer, we provide free lessons at the Pleasanton and San Leandro Public Libraries. Through our presentations, interactive discussions, gripping games, and one-on-one lectures, we aim to demystify the process of speech deliverance, cracking one code at a time. During our peer-to-peer teaching sessions, students will find themselves in various scenarios in which they must think on their feet. Additional help will also be available following our two-hour long classes.

We hope that, through our efforts, the youngest generation of our community will one day find themselves confident and resourceful. One day, they will not be scared to scale the stairs to a stage or be at a loss of words in front of a live audience. Instead, they will embrace the world and proudly let their voices be heard.


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